Hello and welcome to The de-la-Haye Girls. We like to think of ourselves as the older, wiser Gilmore Girls for the 21st Century, with decidedly British accents.  We are:

Emma, the Mamasita, a “very young” 50-something professional who’s obsessed with plants (the eating of and the growing of the flowering variety), writing (lists, stories, posts, emails), handbags, iPhone photography, scented candles, maps and feeling fabulous.

Lily, the daughter, who’s about to have a “milestone” birthday, and is a musical theatre soprano who loves to tell a good story after a few beers and has a fixation with cookery books, true crime trivia, cats, making lists, buying too many trainers and feeling fabulous.

Lots of similarities, plenty of differences.

We have been inseparable for the last 30 years and can’t go for longer than a couple of hours before sharing something together, be that a tale, a treat or a tipple. The de-la-Haye Girls, looking for the fabulousness in the everyday. Grab a coffee and come and join us for the tunes, the blooms, the food and the frolics. 

Welcome to our corner of the sky.

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