The de-la-Haye Girls

How The de-la-Haye Girls came to life.

Sketching, painting, interior design and decorating. Playing the piano, playing the guitar and playing FIFA on the Xbox. Sewing, running, Hinching, rearranging all the furniture in my flat. Colour coding my iPhone apps. Learning Welsh, Japanese and Italian. In the last few months, if you name it, I probably tried it. Except for baking banana bread; I drew the line there. In the spring of this year, after the initial novelty of a life in lockdown had worn off, I found myself feeling all at sea, adrift and unsettled. My Mum, Emma – or E as I’ll call her now – had agreed that she felt the same way and a couple of days later, she floated an idea passed me.

We needed something to indulge our creativity. We both love to tell stories and are always jotting ideas down on paper. E takes the most beautiful photographs and I love nothing more than getting lost down an Instagram hole. And so, my brilliant Mamacita suggested the idea of a shared blog: The de-la-Haye Girls.

We agreed that The de-la-Haye Girls could be a window into our world, filled with all of our favourite things. Curated with love and a generous dollop of humour. Something we could create and nurture together – from a social distance, of course. It certainly trumps bingeing another boxset or packet of Bourbons.

We hope you’ll join us on the journey. Go on…who wants to attend another Zoom quiz anyway?