The Fall Into Autumn

L and E share a few of their favourite things about the upcoming season and get their hygge on.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Ok, ok – I’ll stop singing. I admit that was slightly premature. In my younger years I was adamant that my favourite season was Winter as it features both my birthday and Christmas – what’s not to love? But as I grow older – and hopefully wiser – I realise it’s the build up to the festive season that I love so much, otherwise known as autumn.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall”

F. Scott Fitzgerald

If you’re pining for the summer that nearly wasn’t, here are some of our favourite things to help ease you into the cooler weather and get your hygge on!

  • Swap your wardrobe out! We love doing this, packing away the bikinis and Birkenstocks to make way for scarves, boots and tights. By tucking away your winter clothes for half the year not only does it free up your wardrobe space but you get to go shopping again, without spending any money, when you disinter all your woollies come mid-September. It is a truth universally acknowledged that we all look cute AF bundled up in a winter coat. Adorn yourself with the hues of the season – chocolately browns, ruby reds and happy orange. Why not treat yourself to some new luxe loungewear so that you can get cosy once you come in from the chilly outdoors? And for the ultimate lifehack, put your socks/school uniform on the radiator the night before so you can jump straight from bed into cwtchy clothes.
L keeping warm in Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Go exploring. As we head into another (semi) lockdown, at least we can mask up and get some of that crisp, autumnal air. See what treasures you can forage on your walk, our current collections are hawthorns, rosehips, apples, sloes, elderberries, hazelnuts and king of the playground, conkers. Take your camera or phone out with you and get snap-happy capturing the colours as they change. Listen to the crunch of the leaves beneath your feet. It’s magic.
Woodland walks
  • Snuggle up. Once you’ve blown the cobwebs away, treat yourself to a warm drink. Of course a pumpkin spice latte does very nicely if you have a fancy machine and all the fixings, or live within walking distance of a Costa. But if you don’t, how about reclaiming the long-serving hot chocolate? A fistful of mini-marshmallows on top, perhaps an extra shot of melting chocolate delight courtesy of a chocolate spoon, or maybe splash in a glug of Baileys if it’s not a school night.
The world’s thickest hot chocolate, Said-Soho
  • Slow down. Use this period ahead of the mayhem of the festive period to reconnect with yourself. Cook something with love that will fill your kitchen with delicious smells all afternoon. Leave it to transform on the hob or in the oven while you relax in the bath or finally finish that chapter you’re reading. My mother has always been the baker in our house, her cakes are legendary and I know how relaxing she finds wiling away a few hours in the kitchen on a damp, autumn afternoon, and the cottage smells divine afterwards. If I’m slow-cooking I’ll always opt for a roast. A roast is the gift that keeps on giving; leftovers in the fridge for the following few nights are better than the original meal I often think.
A berry delicious crumble E made a few weeks ago
  • Stick the telly on. For me, the nights drawing in signal the return of Strictly for me! Both E and I love to “get into” a series or boxset, bingeing an episode or two after dinner each evening and then discussing it all next time we meet. The Fall is our current obsession – pardon the pun. This activity is best enjoyed with blankets and endless cups of tea and biscuits. The horror movies at Halloween are what I look forward to the most and with new content being hard to come by at the moment we’re planning to re watch some old classics.
Tyler, our moggy relaxing in his favourite spot, by the television

So what are we waiting for? I’ll light the candles, you bring the pumpkins and let’s see in the very best season together. Altogether now;

All the leaves are brown…

The Mamas & The Papas

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