How To Create A Day Spa At Home

Want to decompress but can’t make it to the spa? No problem!

When you’ve got to laugh, or you’d cry

Ugh, I don’t know about you but I’ve got a serious case of the January blues. I just feel like this is the month that won’t end! Usually, I’d have a chat with myself and shake it off but if I’m wishing for this year ahead to be more hopeful and kind, then I really should extend that to myself too.

I don’t care what people say, candles are an essential item

So, this week, I treated myself to a spa day. All at home, of course! I picked a day that was totally clear for me, switched my phone to airplane mode and got chilled. Switching off from emails and work calls was super important in helping me to fully relax. If you can, a digital day detox is so worth it – I can’t recommend it enough!

First up, let’s talk attire. Only your fluffiest slippers and lounge wear will do. A fluffy robe is ideal if you have one, I’d even condone stealing a housemate’s/husband’s/sibling’s if required.

Clothing is always optional

Then, get that kettle boiled, music on and candles lit. Setting the mood is crucial. I just searched for “Spa Playlist” on Youtube; it totally did the trick.

In between endless sips of jasmine tea, I slathered on a face mask. I always get a couple of these in my stocking but if you don’t happen to have any to hand you can knock up a simple homemade one using porridge oats, honey, olive oil and an egg yolk. A couple of chilled slices of cucumber wouldn’t go amiss popped onto your eyelids, or if,like me, you’ve made a batch of cucumber raita then two chilled teaspoons work just as well!

Pretty in pink clay

Nails are next on our agenda. The one excellent thing to come out of last year is my new found obsession with nail art Pinterest. If you’re not artistically inclined, a good clean and cut is sometimes all you need. Don’t forget your tootsies too.

Nothing better than tidy claws

Finally, draw yourself a bath – almost too warm and let it steep and steam up that bathroom. I added some Epsom bath salts, some rose petals, a little bicarb of soda, rose and sandalwood essential oils and a scoop of coconut oil to create my own mermaid lagoon. Be careful to read the instructions when using essential oils – I had a friend who once inadvertently overdosed on lavender oil and had to be rushed to A+E.

Having a bubble in the tub

Now the rules really do go out the window here; I chose to spend my soak doing some meditation with a couple of crystals but if you want to have a glass of prosecco and binge How To Get Away With Murder in the bath then more power to you. Wait until your fingers go wrinkly and the water is tepid before getting out.

After moisturising – which yes, I’m not ashamed to say I did add a touch of fake tan to – I curled up on the sofa with a good book, (currently enjoying Claudia Winkleman’s Quite) and let the rest of the afternoon slip by. I honestly had the best night’s sleep after my day of pampering and have promised myself to make it a monthly extravagance during this next lockdown. Well, maybe let’s make that a weekly thing… ~L.

Me making a clean getaway from 2021

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